1 heavy, weighty.
2 sluggish, heavy.
3 boring, pestiferous, tiresome, pestilent.
4 snobby, pretentious.
f. & m.
snob, nuisance, bore.
past part.
past participle of spanish verb: pesar.
* * *
participio pasado
1→ {{link=pesar}}pesar
1 (gen) heavy
2 (molesto) tiresome; (aburrido) boring
3 (trabajoso) tough, hard
4 (sueño) deep
nombre masculino,nombre femenino
1 (persona) bore, pain
ponerse pesado,-a to get boring, be a pain
* * *
1. (f. - pesada)
bore, pest
2. (f. - pesada)
1) heavy
2) difficult
3) boring
* * *
pesado, -a
1. ADJ
1) [paquete, comida] heavy

industria pesada — heavy industry

2) (=lento) [persona] slow, sluggish; [mecanismo] stiff
3) (Meteo) heavy, sultry
4) [sueño] deep, heavy
5) (Med) heavy

tengo la cabeza pesada — my head feels heavy

tener el estómago pesado — to feel bloated, feel full up

6) [tarea] (=difícil) tough, hard; (=aburrido) tedious, boring; (=molesto) annoying; [lectura] heavy, stodgy

esto se hace pesado — this is becoming tedious

la lectura del libro resultó pesada — the book was heavy going

es una persona de lo más pesado — he's a terribly dull sort

ese me cae pesado — Caribe, Méx * that chap gets on my nerves *

es pesado tener que ... — it's such a bore having to ...

¡no seas pesado! — stop being such a pain!

2. SM / F
1) (=aburrido) bore

es un pesado — he's such a bore

2) Caribe * (=pez gordo) big shot *
SM (=acto) weighing
* * *
-da adjetivo
a) <paquete/artillería/maquinaria> heavy
b) <comida> heavy, stodgy (colloq); <estómago> bloated

me siento pesado — I feel bloated

c) <atmósfera/tiempo> heavy, oppressive
d) <ojos/cabeza> heavy

tengo las piernas pesadas — my legs feel very heavy

e) <sueño> deep
2) (fam) (fastidioso, aburrido)
a) <libro/película/trabajo> tedious

la conferencia me resultó un poco pesado — I found the lecture rather heavy going

b) <persona>

qué pesado es! — he's such a pain in the neck! (colloq)

qué pesado, nunca no me deja en paz! — he's such a pest, he never leaves me alone (colloq)

no te pongas pesado — don't be so annoying o (colloq) such a pest!

3) (Andes fam) (antipático) unpleasant

qué tipo tan pesado! — what a jerk! (colloq)

-da masculino, femenino
a) (fam) (latoso) pain (colloq), pest (colloq)
b) (Andes fam) (antipático) jerk (colloq)
* * *
-da adjetivo
a) <paquete/artillería/maquinaria> heavy
b) <comida> heavy, stodgy (colloq); <estómago> bloated

me siento pesado — I feel bloated

c) <atmósfera/tiempo> heavy, oppressive
d) <ojos/cabeza> heavy

tengo las piernas pesadas — my legs feel very heavy

e) <sueño> deep
2) (fam) (fastidioso, aburrido)
a) <libro/película/trabajo> tedious

la conferencia me resultó un poco pesado — I found the lecture rather heavy going

b) <persona>

qué pesado es! — he's such a pain in the neck! (colloq)

qué pesado, nunca no me deja en paz! — he's such a pest, he never leaves me alone (colloq)

no te pongas pesado — don't be so annoying o (colloq) such a pest!

3) (Andes fam) (antipático) unpleasant

qué tipo tan pesado! — what a jerk! (colloq)

-da masculino, femenino
a) (fam) (latoso) pain (colloq), pest (colloq)
b) (Andes fam) (antipático) jerk (colloq)
* * *
1 = heavy [heavier -comp., heaviest -sup.].

Ex: The heap of wet sheets of paper was left to stand overnight under a heavy weight.

* caminar con paso pesado = plod (along/through).
* industria pesada = heavy industry.
* maquinaria pesada = heavy machinery.
* para trabajos pesados = heavy-duty.
* peso pesado = big wheel, big shot, big noise, big wig, fat cat.
* tráfico pesado = heavy traffic.
* vehículo pesado = heavy vehicle.

2 = onerous, ponderous, tedious, tiresome, weighty, bore, drab, stodgy, wearisome, weary [wearier -comp., weariest -sup.], wearying, importunate, leaden, nuisance, pushy [pushier -comp., pushiest -sup.], pest.
Nota: Referido a personas que irritan con su comportamiento.

Ex: Sub-arrangement under an entry term can alleviate the onerous task of scanning long lists of entries under the same keyword.

Ex: Some SLIS are seriously affected by ponderous administrative procedures imposed upon them.
Ex: In other places too many references could make for a very tedious search.
Ex: Some of their drawbacks make regular use rather tiresome.
Ex: AACR1 is a weighty code, not because it contains extensive enumeration, but rather because of its comprehensive coverage.
Ex: It is when speakers have no feeling for pause that their speech seems to burble on without any arresting quality; the club bore is a burbler: he has not learnt the eloquence of silence.
Ex: Have reading foisted on you as a duty, a task to be put up with, from which you expect no delight, and it can appear a drab business gladly to be given up.
Ex: One could easily prefer the convenience of the stodgy single-volume work.
Ex: The earliest binding machines replaced the wearisome hand-beating of the sheets in order to fold them.
Ex: Humanity is returning to the downsized, reengineered, total quality management weary business world.
Ex: A new wave of books dealing frankly with such concerns as sex, alcoholism and broken homes was seen as a breakthrough, but plots and styles have begun to show a wearying sameness.
Ex: She concludes that this problem probes the importunate boundaries separating man from beast and the natural from the monstrous.
Ex: Many of the revisions they suggest exacerbate the leaden, plethoric style that comes naturally to lawyers .
Ex: However, delays in the generation of centralised records can be a considerable nuisance.
Ex: Parents can help the development of a child prodigy in an infinite number of ways, ranging from the attentive but not too pushy to the downright obsessive.
Ex: Library users fall into 4 groups: (1) patrons, who are considerate, grateful and undemanding; (2) 'pests' -- the inconsiderate; (3) 'pirates' who steal, deface and mutilate library property and materials; (4) 'vampires' whose enquiries make excessive demands upon the librarian's time.
* broma pesada = practical joke.
* de un modo aburrido y pesado = tediously, ponderously, boringly.
* hacer (todo) el trabajo pesado = do (all) + the donkey work.
* lento y pesado = plodding.
* pesados, los = nuisance, the.
* ser un pesado = be a pest, be a pain the neck, be a pain in the ass, be a pain in the arse, be a pain in the backside, be a pain in the proverbials.
* trabajo pesado = donkey work.
* viejo pesado = old fart.

* * *
pesado1 -da
1 ‹paquete/maleta› heavy; ‹artillería/maquinaria› heavy
2 ‹comida› heavy, stodgy (colloq); ‹estómago› bloated
me siento pesado después de haber comido tanto I feel bloated after all that food
3 ‹atmósfera/tiempo› heavy, oppressive, sultry
4 ‹ojos/cabeza› heavy
tengo las piernas pesadas my legs feel very heavy o like lead
5 ‹sueño› deep
1 (fam) (fastidioso, aburrido) ‹libro/película/conferencia› tedious
¡qué pesado es! he's such a pain in the neck! (colloq)
¡qué pesado, no me deja en paz ni un minuto! what a pest, he won't leave me alone for a minute (colloq)
los niños están muy pesados the children are being really annoying o (colloq) being real pests
no te pongas pesado don't be so annoying o (colloq) such a pest!, quit bugging me! (AmE colloq)
ser más pesado que el plomo (fam); to be a pain (in the neck) (colloq)
2 (fam) ‹tarea/trabajo› (monótono) tedious
C (Andes fam) (antipático) unpleasant
¡qué tipo tan pesado! what a jerk! (colloq)
pesado2 -da
masculine, feminine
A (fam) (molesto, latoso) pain (colloq), pest (colloq)
eres un pesado, deja ya de molestar you're such a pain in the neck, stop annoying me (colloq)
B (Andes fam) (antipático) jerk (colloq)
(Col fam) (mandamás): quiero hablar con el pesado I want to speak to the top man o the boss (colloq)
es uno de los pesados he's one of the bigwigs o the top men (colloq)
* * *


Del verbo pesar: (conjugate pesar)

pesado es:

el participio

Multiple Entries:
-da adjetivo

1 (en general) heavy;
a) (fam) (fastidioso, aburrido) ‹libro/películatedious;

¡qué pesado es! he's such a pain in the neck! (colloq);

no te pongas pesado don't be so annoying o (colloq) such a pest!
b) (AmL) (difícil, duro) ‹trabajo/tareaheavy, hard

3 (Andes fam) (antipático) unpleasant;
¡qué tipo tan pesado! what a jerk! (colloq)

■ sustantivo masculino, femenino
a) (fam) (latoso) pain (colloq), pest (colloq)

b) (Andes fam) (antipático) jerk (colloq)

pesar 1 sustantivo masculino
a) (pena, tristeza) sorrow;

a pesado mío or muy a mi pesado much to my regret
b) (remordimiento) regret, remorse

a pesado de despite, in spite of;

a pesado de todo in spite of o despite everything;
a pesar de que even though
pesar 2 (conjugate pesar) verbo intransitivo
1 [paquete/maleta] to be heavy;
estas gafas no pesan these glasses don't weigh much;

no me pesa it's not heavy
2 (causar arrepentimiento) (+ me/te/le etc):
ahora me pesa mucho now I deeply regret it;

me pesa haberlo ofendido I'm very sorry I offended him
pese a despite, in spite of;

pese a que even though;
mal que me/le pese whether I like/he likes it or not
verbo transitivo
a)niño/maletato weigh;

manzanasto weigh (out)
b) (tener cierto peso) to weigh;

pesa 80 kilos he weighs 80 kilos

pesarse verbo pronominal (refl) to weigh oneself
I adjetivo
1 (un objeto) heavy
2 (sueño) deep, heavy
3 (trabajo) hard
4 (viaje) tiring
5 (aburrido, molesto) boring, tedious, dull
II sustantivo masculino y femenino pain, pest
I verbo intransitivo
1 (tener peso físico) to weigh: esa carne pesa dos kilos, that meat weighs two kilos
2 (tener peso psíquico) to have influence: sus opiniones aún pesan en el grupo, his opinions still carry weight in the group
3 (causar arrepentimiento, dolor) to grieve: me pesa no haber ido con vosotros, I regret not having gone with you
II vtr (determinar un peso) to weigh
III sustantivo masculino
1 (pena, pesadumbre) sorrow, grief
2 (remordimiento) regret
♦ Locuciones: a pesar de, in spite of
a pesar de que, although ➣ Ver nota en aunque
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* * *
pesado, -a
1. [que pesa] heavy
2. [industria, maquinaria] heavy
3. [tiempo, día] oppressive;
el día está pesado it's very close today
4. [comida] heavy, stodgy
5. [ojos, cabeza] heavy;
tengo el estómago pesado I feel bloated
6. [sueño] deep
7. [lento] slow-moving;
un hombre de andares pesados a man with a ponderous gait
8. [tarea, trabajo] difficult, tough
9. [aburrido] boring
10. [molesto] annoying, tiresome;
¡qué pesada eres! you're so annoying!;
ponerse pesado to be a pain;
¡eres más pesado que una vaca en brazos! you're such a pain in the neck!
bore, pain
* * *
I adj
1 objeto heavy
2 libro, clase etc tedious, boring
3 trabajo tough fam , difficult
II m, pesada f bore;
¡qué pesado es! fam he’s a real pain fam
* * *
pesado, -da adj
1) : heavy
2) : slow
3) : irritating, annoying
4) : tedious, boring
5) : tough, difficult
pesado, -da n, fam : bore, pest
* * *
pesado1 adj
1. (en general) heavy [comp. heavier; superl. heaviest]
esta caja es muy pesada this box is very heavy
2. (aburrido) boring
una película muy pesada a really boring film
tener un sueño pesado to be a heavy sleeper
pesado2 n pain
¡qué pesado eres! what a pain you are!

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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